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Good, better, best practices in agriculture


Agriculture is common sense but it is uncommon to most due to lack of interest and basic knowledge in farming.

There are ways to make land more productive by applying appropriate method that requires little additional efforts but that could be compensated with better productivity.

Let us take the case of a plant that is the easiest to grow called “Banana”.

In big plantations hard grounds are turned upside down by bulldozing it one meter deep to soften the soil after which tons of chicken dung are applied to fertilized it.

But in backyard planting of banana or in a small area we do not need to bulldoze it to prepare the ground.
We only need to cultivate the specific area to be planted by softening the ground say one meter wide and one half meter deep in hard ground.

The purpose is to accommodate suckers as the mother banana plant grows.

But before planting chicken dung or top or composted soil maybe mixed to fill the hole.

The number of suckers per plant should be controlled by allowing it to have only 2 or three while the mother plant is bearing fruit.

Extra suckers maybe removed for planting to other areas to avoid overcrowding that affects the quality of fruits.

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