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Crime statistics like supply record is deceiving


Supply record covers all properties of the unit. For example on transportation facilities the unit has fifty vehicles on record but it has only 35 in running condition the rest are under repair or on deadline status and not operational.

However, the other unit has only forty vehicles but all in good running condition could be more operationally effective.

On crime statistics for example out of 200 crime incidents recorded in previous year there were forty (40) heinous crimes.

In succeeding year there was a total reduction of crime incidents to only 150 but heinous crimes went up to 50 incidents like unabated killings in addition to bombings and kidnappings where the number of victims is even higher than the number of crimes in previous year.

The horrible impact of heinous crimes on the over-all peace and order cannot be neutralized by the reduction of the number of crime incidents.

Granting that there is an honest to goodness recording of crime statistics of Zamboanga City's crime incidents the reported reduction of the number of crime incidents for 2011 compared with that of 2010  cannot allay the fear, apprehension  and demoralizing impact on the family of the victims and the residents as a result of non-stop shooting and killing incidents almost daily with impunity mostly in broad daylight even infront of the city hall including men in uniform.

These killing incidents are in addition to bombing and kidnapping incidents for 2011.

Therefore crime statistics like supply record is deceiving.

Crime statistics cannot convince investors and tourists to come to Zamboanga City. It cannot convince foreign countries to lift their advisory for their citizens to visit the City.

Senior officers groomed to hold sensitive posts must be operations oriented and with sufficient experience in the field of crime prevention and law enforcement.

By Rex Miravite

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