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Corn grits Bisayan food time immemorial not new



People from the Visayas particularly the Cebuanos are traditionally corn eaters. Cebuano farmers sell their rice products and preserve their corn or buy corn products for their daily consumption.

Aside from being economical because corn is much cheaper than rice, eaters of corn have better stamina and endurance than rice eaters.

Corn food is harder to digest therefore corn eaters do not easily get hungry.

The equivalent of corn as food staple in muslim regions is cassava.

Cassava eaters are stronger physically than most rice eaters. In the past when there was no Human Rights Commission yet bandits wounded and captured by the police during encounters are tied on top of Police vehicle bumper and paraded in town before being brought to the hospital for treatment without suffering from hemorrhage.

Most residents in the rural areas of Basilan, Sulu, Tawi-tawi, Lanao, Maguindanao and Cotabao provinces including rebels, bandits and other lawless elements are cassava eaters and have stronger stamina and they are very fast in evading government troops.

Corn and cassava eaters augmented with vegetables and fruits are physically stronger and have longer life span than most rice eaters.

Rice eaters usually suffer diabetes and high blood pressure especially those who lack exercise and fond of eating fatty foods.

Therefore to the Bisayans eating corn grits as their daily food since time immemorial is not new to them and they do not need to be lectured.


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