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Lamitan city Vice Mayor Arleigh Wee Eisma whose initial AWE, to the Yakans mean YES is undoubtedly at the crossroad of a career that has turned this eligible bachelor into the realm of elective local officials beyond the boundaries of obsession in politics. In a talk in his office when queried about a rumor to run for city mayor in 2013, his reply was a big YES.

In the City of Lamitan it is on record that Arleigh W. Eisma is the only local official who have won the city vice mayoralty post twice. He ran in 2010 unopposed in his reelection bid for the vice mayoralty post.

Speaking of his plan for the 2013 election, it seems certain that the bachelor vice mayor would throw his hat into the political race for the mayoralty post in the city of Lamitan. He pointed out, that since the incumbent city Mayor Roderick H. Furigay is not anymore eligible to seek re-election, it is now his turn to seek mayoralty post. He expects that the present city mayor and the members of the Sangguniang Panlungsod would give way and support his candidacy.

During the maiden session of the Sangguniang Panlungsod last January 18, 2012, the city mayor was not able to attend and deliver his State of the City Address (SOCA) due to unavoidable circumstances. However, in his opening statement at his separate state of the city address held last January 30, 2012, the city mayor Roderick H. Furigay pointed that he has no intention to compete with the legislative body for simple reason they have a common solemn duty and high obligation to the people of Lamitan. The city vice mayor and the councilors attended the SOCA occasion of Mayor Roderick H. Furigay.

Lamitan City Vice Mayor in his address during the Sangguniang maiden session held on January 18, 2012 spelled out the accomplishments of the local legislative body as very satisfactory. He also pointed out on his part, that his performance as the presiding officer of the council has been highly and very satisfactory.

In his report, he likewise manifested that in all the years since he became an elective official his compensations were appropriated for scholarship grants which he offered to indigent but deserving students pursuing college study. In the same vein, he has been extending financial help to poor families of Lamitan.

Meanwhile, in an interview when asked about his stand to the proposed P300 million pesos bank loan of the city mayor, Vice mayor Arleigh  Eisma made it clear that as a presiding officer he is just an arbiter and he is not against the proposal. He left it to the wisdom of the Sanggunian members and for the Chairman, Committee on Appropriation to handle the measure efficiently and effectively by convincing other city councilors to approve the proposed loan.

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