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"Multum in Parvo"


Please allow me today to be a Latino “Great Pretender.” Although, I must admit with all honesty that I only know a couple of Latin phrases, I am one hundred per cent sure that I know what “Multum In Pravo” means in English and my mother tongue. It is also expected that since we are now known throughout the world as the only Latin speaking City in Asia, the title of today’s article is cognitively “no sweat to anyone.” And since our language experts have equated Chavacano with Latin, this term should be lexically “peanuts to everyone.”

Immediately preceding this article, I discussed why Zamboanga City’s development activities should be evenly spread throughout its length and breadth so that the inhabitants in the rural communities will enjoy the same comforts, conveniences, pleasures, services, and amenities that the residents in the 7-kilometer radius are provided with, out of the judicious, proper, and just allocation of the taxes collected from the people. As visibly observed, outrageously costly infrastructure projects that have very minimal economic value and benefits to the thousands upon thousands of inhabitants in the rural communities who are suffering from malnutrition, sickness, hunger, unemployment, and grinding poverty are given top priority by our incumbent political leaders. The most morally deplorable about these multi-million projects is the fact that quite a number of them which were supposed to generate huge incomes for the City are becoming “white elephants.” They are supposed to be rented out but the occupancy might not even reach the breakeven rate. 

Don’t you think that the taxes which were used for these economically low-priority but extremely expensive infrastructures located around the small space should have been used for more irrigation systems, water systems, housing projects, livelihood centers, health centers, farmer’s technology facilities, farm-to-market road networks, and other income and employment enterprises in the rural areas? Don’t you think that the taxes of the people should not be used for projects that tend to benefit only very few individuals? 

Again, let me emphasize the fact that all the problems of the urban centers are caused by people. The more people the more crimes are committed; the more people, the more garbage; the more people, the more traffic; the more people, the more houses are needed; the more people, the more food is needed for survival; the more people, the more jobs have to be created; and the more people, the more health care facilities have to be established. When people are concentrated in one little space, all kinds of problems would likely exist. This is “multum in pardon,” a kind of development paradigm that is being pursued by our incumbent political officials. No wonder we are still a “Bonsai” city after 76 years. Who will make Zamboanga City a Metropolis? Only an alien, did I hear you right? Ah, maybe I am just hallucinating again. But maybe it would be worth trying an alien for a change. We only hope that the change will dramatically be for the better. Who knows with this alien Zambpanga City will catch up with or perhaps overtake the progress and development of other cities and regain its lost Crown as the leading and most prosperous political subdivision in Mindanao within the shortest timeline. Then the “multum in pravo” development genre haunts us no more.

By Clem M. Bascar

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