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Defense panel's smartness cannot overcome preponderance of evidence


The impeachment trial of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is becoming interesting day after day as evidences are being presented by witnesses of the prosecution.

Although not yet admitted officially as evidence, but in the minds of the public, the respondent Chief Justice has committed untruthfulness in the filing of his Statement of Assets and Liabilities & Networth (SALN).

Respondent's properties and huge bank deposits excluding foreign currencies appear to be beyond the capacity of the Chief Justice to acquire such wealth as far as his salaries for the past several years are concerned.

The smartness of the defense panel of technicalities cannot overcome the  preponderance of evidence against the respondent.

The Judgment of the Senators-Judges in this political trial will be based on evidence, political consideration, public opinion and possible aid of legislation to undertake judicial reforms.

The Senators who are acting as Judges will be judged by the sovereign people on how they judge the Chief Justice who is facing impeachment trial for betrayal of public trust, culpable violation of the constitution, corruption and several other charges.

The acquittal of the chief justice will possibly make the Executive and Legislative branches and the sovereign people a laughingstock.

By Rex Miravite

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