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Straight From D’STRAIT A sense where they are now


To begin with, the above-caption of this issue refers to the city aldermen of the infant city of Lamitan across the channel. Lamitan City Vice Mayor Arleigh W. Eisma, the presiding officer of the Sangguniang Panlungsod had to ask the aldermen during the regular session held last February 8, 2012, how and in what way they could show their sense of liberality with regard to the proposed P 300 million pesos  Land Bank loan initiated by the city mayor.

It’s now seems to be the consensus of the city councilors that the city mayor should render and submit the allocation for every proposed  project as reported in the state of the city address. Keeping accurate score in the performance   of the SP members and their true feeling with respect to the approval of the P300 million pesos Land Bank loan is quite difficult. The bottom line they desire TRANSPARENCY.

The task on the part of the city councilors in Lamitan to explain their stand would be like trying to squeeze toothpaste back into the container tube. By a vote of 6-6 of the twelve SP members, the presiding officer had to break the tie vote, the first time in this Sanggunian of its existence the last three decades.  That would render the six councilors that voted NO as unpopular among barangay officials as they expect to get a share from the loan.

Obviously, the result ended with seven votes against the loan proposal of the city mayor. The voting on February 8 regular session proved to be a startling revelation that some city councilors considered allies in the 2010 elections are not anymore with the political ambit of the city chief executive.

The voting on the loan proposal apparently was Pandora’s box and lead to reveal that the city chief executive seemingly had lost control of his allies. Six councilors to include former Vice Mayor Vistahan Andung now city councilor and councilor Roy Mateo showed their true political color voted against the P300 million pesos bank loan.

The Sangguniang Panglungsod Chairman Committee on finance and Appropriation has still the option to submit a motion for reconsideration on the approval of the P300 million loan. There should have been a reservation manifested for second voting since it resulted on tie vote.

By the way, how true is the rumor that City Mayor of Lamitan Roderick Furigay is likely considering to field his better -half, Madam Rose Furigay for city mayor of Lamitan in 2013. By some twist of fate, if ever Madam Rose Furigay will run against the  the vice mayor Arleigh Eisma, it would take a busload of marketing expertise to help project the image of both possible contenders in 2013. Both are certified cash cows in local politics as they belong to affluent families.

If this political scenario pushes through, it is definitely the battle of gold and Lamitenos will ruefully list it as the great and thrilling race in local history.

It’s a matter of a year and half waiting for this political showdown. Let’s wish both possible rivals Godspeed.      

By Peryasser Lahaman

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