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LGUs neglected agriculture, NGO’s intervention needed


Since the devolution of function of the department of agriculture to the local government units (LGUs) the attention given to the farming industry has tremendously diminished.

The Philippines has the most prestigious agricultural institution (the UP Los Baños College of Agriculture) where most if not all neighboring countries learned their basic technology in agriculture.

But sad to note that the Philippine by now is 20 or 30 years behind other Asian countries in agricultural productivity.
Why??? With all-due respect because most of the local government units which are the frontliners in this very important sector are having less interest to improve agricultural productivity aggravated by some complacent if not lazy people in the office concerned.

Continious research and development to further improve the technology are being undertaken by other countries while we in the Philippines the basic technology we learned in school (to agriculture gradunates) are stagnating, rusting, deteriorating and evaporating.
With this very sad state of agriculture condition the citizenry must develop and use their own initiative in sharing to the farmers what they have learned on their own way of doing practical farming method proven to be effective.

Along this line, the Agri-Capehan Program will be implemented by the “Exotic Fruit Grower Association” of Zamboanga City.
In coordination with Barangay Officials and school authorities in the rural barangays the association will introduce the good, better and best practices in upland agriculture to the farmers, students and pupils.

The method is applicable in backyard gardening, small or medium size agricultural farming using organic fertilizers.

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