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A new challenge to promote the spirit of dialogue and peace in the Archdiocese of Zamboanga


Twenty five years ago, inspired by the spirit of Silsilah Dialogue Movement to go deeper in the spirituality of life-in-dialogue, a group of Catholic lay women led by Ms. Aminda E. Saño consecrated their lives as lay members in the church, living in the communities as lay associates recognized by the Archbishop of Zamboanga City.

They decided to live in Barangay Sta. Catalina, located at the center of Zamboanga City, a community where Muslims and Christians live together. This simple beginning serves as an inspiration for others who are married or single to join in the commitment inspired by the Beatitudes of Jesus.
The inspiration of the Emmaus Dialogue Community came from the journey of the two disciples of Jesus on their way to Emmaus, as it is presented in the Gospel of Luke (Chapter 24). A moving story that expresses well the group’s mission and vocation.

This year, the Emmaus Dialogue Community celebrates their 25th anniversary that marks three special Moments that expresses the gratitude to the Lord of the providence and many blessings he has bestowed to the community through the years.

The first moment was the celebration of the founding anniversary of the Emmaus last February 8, 2012 which was attended by the people Sta. Catalina and close friends of Silsilah Dialogue Movement who have been journeying with the community in their mission for dialogue and peace. The blessing of the Grotto of our Lady of Lourdes and the Renewal of Commitment of the Emmaus Dialogue Community and the Emmaus Circle members marked as the second moment of the anniversary which was concluded last February 11, 2012 at the Emmaus House of Spirituality at Harmony Village, Pitogo, Sinunuc, Zamboanga City.

The third moment post as a new challenge for the Emmaus Dialogue Community as the Archdiocese of Zamboanga and Lay Leaders will come together in an occasion where the Emmaus Dialogue Community will have the launching of the Emmaus Booklet and deepening on the topic of “Catholic Peace Building”. This gathering is essential in creating reflections and insights among the Silsilah members and the archdiocese in the formation of Catholic Peace Builders. The Emmaus Dialogue Community wants to re-affirm that it is committed to help in the formation of the Catholic Peace Builders in the Diocese of Zamboanga City as a new approach for the Christian of Zamboanga City.

Where they meet in mind, heart, and spirit to keep up to date of the challenges which we are faced by issues of peace and justice that involves dialogue and collaboration with those of other religious institutions and all those committed a more just and peaceful world. One of the inspirations of Romulo G. Valles, DD. of the Archbishop of Zamboanga City. Although in few weeks he will be transferred to the Archdiocese of Davao we will still continue the commitment in pursuing the formation and development of this new undertaking.


by Silsilah Dialogue Movement

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