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INC RALLY - The gathering of the Iglesia Ni Cristo in Davao City last Tuesday at the football field near Bolton bridge was massive. Very impressive. It was simultaneous nationwide. I was caught in the midst of human and vehicular traffic at the Ecoland area and decided to just watch the streaming mass of humanity from inside a favourite hangout “Annipie” where you can, by the way, get the best of cinnamon rolls, operated by Mr. & Mrs. Ony Partoza.
They came in busloads from as far as Davao Oriental, and Sarangani on the other end. The rain and the slight drizzle did not dampen them. Although this was described as a “religious” event, I talked with some of them while along the sidewalk. Some confided that they were there to show support. When I asked “support for whom?”, the short answer of some were: “kay Corona”. Other answers: “pakita sa among panaghiusa” (show of unity); “ may pahiwatig kay PNoy” (a message to PNoy); “magsamba” (to pray)

*Interesting but intriguing!

SOME TIDBITS - Fr. Boy Camina, parish priest of Sulop, Davao del Sur will be marking his priesthood anniversary soon. I also belong to his parish where I have a small farm in Barangay Palili. That’s where I grow my ducks for “balut” and try my hand in organic farming of lakatan bananas and palay. Beth and I maintain in the area a “Divine Mercy” shrine of sorts for the devotees.

* Fr. Bong Dublan, our parish priest at the Ascension church in GSIS at Matina always delivers down-to-earth homilies that prick the heart and stir the soul. A bit of scolding once in a while do wonders to us backsliders!

* Archbishop Nanding Capalla will remain in Davao and spend his retirement days not really retiring but still “gung ho” on his apostolate and advocacies. He must also share his secret how he keeps himself still young-looking.

* JCI Senate National President Tony Cerilles, who is also governor of Zamboanga del Sur, told his Davao audience that organizations should not only be for socials but more for service to others. “Service to humanity is the best work of life”, he reminded us using the lines of the Jaycee creed.

* We are now starting to experience power shortage in Mindanao, not due to low levels of water in Lake Lanao or in the Pulangi River where we get the most of our electricity supply from our hydros. It’s simply because Mindanao’s existing power generating capacities need to be increased by building more power plants. Davao City is a bit spared from this, thanks to the standby generating plant of Davao light. This will hopefully moderate the “antis” who oppose new power plants with their scare tactics. Just like the anti-mining elements with their doomsday scenarios.

* A resident of Cotabato City told me he is very worried that his city will continue to further deteriorate due to recurring violent incidents. He said by 5 o’clock in the afternoon, residents prefer to stay indoors to stay safe. That’s too early to go to sleep.
Wake up, Cotabatenos! And do something!

by Jesus Dureza

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