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Mayor Lobregat has 2 options in 2013 election


Mayor Celso Lobregat's tenure of office will expire on June 30, 2013 after serving for 3 consecutive terms as local chief executive of Zamboanga City.
To include his two (2) terms as Representative of the former lone district of Zamboanga City, Mayor Lobregat will have a total of 15 years of elective services.

There are 2 options left for the Mayor to select if he wishes to continue his political career in 2013 local election.
He can either run for Representative under the 1st congressional district or for vice-mayor.

It will be recalled that Vice-mayor Rodrigo Duterte of Davao City run for congress in 1998 after he previously completed his 3-term as elected mayor of Davao City starting in 1988. In 2001 election Duterte run again for mayor and won.

In 2010 he run for Vice-mayor after completing his second 3-year term as Mayor of Davao City.
The incumbent vice-mayor of Cotabato City, Muslimen Sema served as Cotabato City mayor for 3 terms (2001-2010) after which he run for Vice-mayor in 2010 election.

Whether we like it or not Mayor Lobregat could be a sure winner in 2013 local election either as congressman of the 1st district or as Vice-mayor considering his strong foothold in the local political arena.

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