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State of Education in the division of Tawi-Tawi


We wish to share some real insight of the state of education in the division of Tawi-Tawi. This perspective have been for more than two decades in existence which to our belief was left unchecked or kept hidden.

The division of Tawi-Tawi remained and contineously experiencing deterioration, and polluted educational systems. At present, it is compared to a ship manned by a crew rather a captain. Its course of direction is heading nowhere.

These maladies was aggravated when political influence was able to penetrate the very systems of education. Tentacles of politics were gradually seizing down to the grassroots level. Promotions, hiring of teachers, other transactions with politicians recommendations deemed highly and place as top priority. 

Further, incompetent and self motivated education officials however, contributed much to the seemingly cutshort process in favor of their candidates with consideration involved, to the dismay and outright defeat of the duly prospective candidates. Infact, most promotables and hired employees are not qualified. For some schools administrators don't even have a school were promoted.

This practice became worst and popular during the regime of Ampatuan. Illegal syndicate borned out in cahoot with division, regional office and Civil Service Commission. Corruption gained its strenght and sustained gradually. Big and small transactions involved  bribery.
No wonder, schools administrators, teachers and other employees with fabricated records were made possible and are now enjoying.
Relatively, fictitious employees, pupils, and school, same still existing up to this time.

Efficiency are no longer observed. Accounts of teachers, school nurses, other DepEd employees not in their official stations are numerous. Again, because of compromise.

Significantly, these are the factors that contributed to the very poor education performance and academic achievement of this division. Likewise, the reasons for the failure of National Educational programs and policies, and total waste of resources.
We believe this is not a revealing tale. This is a long old story which was left unmindful even made to preserved as part of a grand modus for their evil motive and self interest.

The division of Tawi-Tawi is ailing. It needs immediate attention and proper medication. We are afraid if this situation are not being address seriously, the result will be a total bankrupt of education. Pitiful!

Now that the new ARMM leadership have been installed, hope for good governance is an ever long dreams for the people of ARMM. The people have been suffering too much. The people have been crying for justice, peace and prosperity.

Gov. Hataman must act as a leader rather being a politician. We urge him to exhauste all possible means to cleanse the DEPED ARMM as he promise in his 100th days in office. Verily, education is the answer to peace and prosperity.

To His Excellency President Aquino, we strongly believe of your notable slogan towards Daang Matuwid.
We believe too, that you can serve us better. Leave legacy. A legacy that may serve as a guiding pillar to refine our history for a bright tomorrow. 

Very Truly Yours,
Aciri S. Herman
Bongao, Province of Tawi-Tawi

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