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The significance of peace in Davao City


The peaceful and successful celebration of the 75th Araw ng Dabaw is a testament of how the entire citizenry of the city join hands in unity and cooperation that makes this metropolis a great come-on  for investments. The city is home to a community of peoples that are of various origins, cultures and faiths. Actually, Davao is not different from many cities in Mindanao. The reason being, whether one is Muslim, Christian or Lumad, he or she belongs to the Malay race. In short, the entire Philippines is their land and they can dwell in any place they wish to establish their home.

Davao City is home to all Filipinos. What is unique in this metropolis however is the unwritten interfaith accord that respects their cultures and religions. The opportunities are open to all but success is dependent on his own industry, discipline and will to succeed. No one is being discriminated except that by choice and dictates of culture some tribes would rather live together. That is well and too, respected.

It is this quality of teamwork and cohesiveness that Davao City’s development  and progress is most dynamic and envied by many, not only in Mindanao, in the country but abroad. The city is cited for its uniqueness which ranges from the quality of life, peace and order, being child-friendly, business and entrepreneurial competitiveness to name a few. These are nurtured by its political leaders who live by example.
Given all the fundamentals where Davao City stands in, the same dynamism of growth and development could be duplicated even in the conflict areas in Mindanao. It will can easily be done in most, a little difficult in some but still achievable in all. What makes Davao distinct from the rest is that the community of peoples live here never allow divisiveness to rule.  They fought valiantly against communist insurgency and frowned at secessionist attempts and abhor terrorism. But they risked their lives against these iniquities. They triumphed  and they now enjoy the prize of peace and prosperity.

Maybe those in the conflict areas in Central and Western Mindanao should examine very closely why there is  hardly any perceptible symptoms secessionism, of tribal and clans war and criminality of any sort in Davao.  If the older generation cannot see through their biases maybe the now generation has better vision to appreciate the value of unity  and interfaith, cooperation and respect.

by Menardo Wenceslao

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