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It’s a woman’s world, Gabriela!


Many men find it a little bit funny, forgive me, that women are still up in arms fighting for “women’s rights” when they seem to have an EXCESS of rights, so excessive, that they’ve been turning many men off.
We’re not like other insecure guys out there that like to beat up women when they violently throw, not just painful words, but deadly projectiles like plates, pans, cups or even books during a heated domestic quarrel.
It’s not worth a man's time to fight a woman because there are more important things to worry about. No man can ever beat a woman’s tongue when it starts lashing out in anger.

As a better defense, a wall of silence is far more powerful than a slap or a Pacman-style left hook during a man-woman boxing match.
We all like to side with the women, of course, who are fighting to tear down a “patriarchal” world that seems to oppress and persecute them, which is true in many highly-religious and Oriental countries -- but we don’t agree with women who has become so fanatically anti-patriarchal that they refuse to pray “Our Father, who art in heaven” because they are indignant and want to replace “Our Father” with “Our Mother.”

Thank God for the Virgin Mary, now they have someone to talk to directly in heaven without addressing Someone as Our Father.
Women are now occupying almost every top position in industry, in government, in media, in military, etc and doing a much, much better job than men. Some of the world’s most powerful individuals in recent history are women and increasing in numbers year, after year, after year.
Some of the world's richest individuals today, all billionaires in their own right, are all women. Even the Philippines have its share of very powerful women. Cory Aquino, Gloria Arroyo, Miriam Santiago, etc, etc., -- the names of Filipino women holding political and economic power are growing by the day.
Why on earth are women still fighting for their rights here in the Philippines?

If they’re fighting to change laws on women, we have an excess of “fighting” women lawmakers in Congress and the Senate who have the power to update the laws on women to make them more relevant to the times.
There are just so many laws to protect women. No one seems to care about making laws to protect men from women’s monthly erratic behavior.
Women have the freedom to do whatever they want with their lives today. They can choose any career they want. They can choose to go anywhere and anytime they want. They can choose any guy they want.

They can marry or not marry anytime they want. They can dump (and swap) any guy they want. They're free to do anything they want. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera... What more can they ask for?
It’s a woman’s world, Gabriela, enjoy it!

by Aurelio A. Pena

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