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Agriculture is most neglected, corrupted sector


The Philippines is 30 years while others say 50 years behind in agriculture compared with the neighboring and other countries in the world.
The irony is that some countries in Asia learned their basic agricultural knowledge in UP Los Baños College of Agriculture.
Because of corruption 738 million pesos goes to the pockets of corrupt agriculture officials from the national down to the local regional offices in a fertilizer scam.

Some 4 billion pesos Swine dispersal program of QUIDANCOR but not a single piglet was distributed in Zamboanga City and other local government units because of the scam. Some QUIDANCOR officials have constructed big houses out of the swine corruption.
While some countries are already in a much advance stage in agriculture the Philippines is returning to the ancient times of carabao farming due to neglect and corruption.

It is further sad to note that most upland farmers still do not know up to now the better practices on fruit tree and crop planting that will contribute to a much better productions in a shorter period of time after planting.
Farmers who learned the best method in agriculture on their own initiative must share to other farmers both in upland farming and inland fishing in the absence of initiative coming from the local government units.

It will be recalled that the functions of the agriculture department have been devolved to the local government units (LGUs) under the local government code.

by Rex Miravite

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