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How many times have I told you
Not to take a fancy at my throne?
Haven’t you
Learned a lesson from Spartacus?

Haven’t you read my decree criminalizing
Dreaming in this kingdom?
Aren’t you terrified
Looking at those crucified slaves who envied my crown?

Are you pinning your hope on Brutus, Barabbas, or Hannibal?
What kind of Messiah is in your mind? Don’t you know that I have been
Destined to reign perpetual?

What Romeo? Are you trying to scare me?
Is there still a creature existing by that name?
Founder? What founder? Was he not devoured by a wolf?

So, what are you fantasizing about?
Don’t you know that even fantasies are also
Forbidden within my realm?

Was it you who told me that my worst enemy is myself?
By the way, haven’t you seen my latest memorial?
Don’t you think it fits only the immortal?

By Clem M. Bascar

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