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As a teacher, I believe...


As a teacher I believe that no matter how intelligent a student is, but if his values are not positive he could hardly be successful as a member of the human society.  That is why a student’s education does not only focus on his academic development but all the aspects of his personality. And, that is the challenge for every teacher to take.  Difficult it may seem but a TEACHER should and must take it or leave the teaching profession to those who have the talent and capacity to handle the job.

Being a teacher is a great responsibility; on our shoulder rests the herculean task to produce quality and dignified students.  Quality and dignified students make quality and dignified graduates that would result to quality workers and transformational leaders who are the backbone of the nation’s progress.  Indeed, it takes tremendous effort and mountain-like patience not counting the length of time to mold these young minds into productive and useful members of human society. Personally, I do believe, that we, teachers, must exert extra effort, deepen more our understanding  and lengthen our patience to inculcate among our students the proper values to possess aside developing their communicative, mathematical, scientific, entrepreneurial, and arts skills in the different subject areas of the curriculum. Further, I believe it is not only through conceptualization of these values but through actualization that the students may learn from us.   On my part, I decided to make my cherished values virtues in my life so that others may be inspired to imitate not only my speech but more so my behavior.

Moreover, I believe, the character formation of the students begins at home and the teachers being the second parents are tasked to enhance it. In fact, the students spend 8 to 10 of their waking hours in the company of their teachers in school particularly in the classrooms.  What a big chance given to us teachers to be God’s extensions to create students who are fully humans not half beasts and half humans. My colleagues,
Are you ready to take the challenge?

Furthermore, I do believe that producing quality and dignified graduates must begin from having quality and dignified teachers.  As the saying goes, ”A blind man cannot lead another blind; surely, both fall into a ditch.”

by Lorbina O. Majindi, Ed. D.

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