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Zamboanga 'killing field' City


Local officials tried to suppress the media from sensationalizing crime incidents in Zamboanga City inorder to attract investors and tourists to come to the city.

But it appears that local officials and civil authorities do not have the capability to prevent the upsurge of criminality in the city for the past decade especially the past years, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Shooting incidents almost daily are published in local dailies and these are actual incidents and not fabricated in addition to robbery/hold-up, kidnapping, bombing incidents and street crimes.

Killings from pedicab drivers, conductors, dispatchers of public utility vehicles, Barangay officials, government sheriffs, ordinary citizens are being killed like chickens and recently the President of Universidad de Zamboanga, Dr. Arturo Eustaquio III was gunned down at broad daylight near his residence on Palm Sunday, April 1, 2012.

When crime incidents occur, a lot of alibis are made by concerned authorities to justify its failure in crime prevention.
The same questions are raised by the media and the same explanations are made by local officials like a broken record whenever a crime is committed but without any positive action.

What plan are they going to implement when there is no plan at all to talk about specially on crime prevention attuned to the prevailing situation in the city.

As a result everybody becomes reactionary that makes “Zamboanga a killing field city.”
What is funny is when there is relative peace everybody claims credit but if there is breakdown of peace and order everybody becomes deaf and mute and at times the public is being blamed for alleged non-cooperation. What kind of stupidity?

What we need in the city are local officials with balls and with strong political will and with courage to have laws enforced without fear or favor.
What we need in Zamboanga City are experienced officers in the field of crime prevention and law enforcement.
Zamboanga City must not be used as training grounds for inexperienced police officers because people will be the ones to suffer.

by Rex Miravite

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