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Shooting incidents co-terminus with officials' tenure?


The commission of shooting incidents has been long over due in Zamboanga City as the tenure of office of the OIC city police director has become over due.

As a matter of policy the tenure of office of Provincial/City Police Directors and Chiefs of Police is two (2) years.
Since January 2010 up to the present there was a non-stop shooting incidents in Zamboanga City aside from robbery/hold-ups, kidnappings, bombings and street crimes.

But despite of the unfavorable if not deteriorating state of peace and order the OIC police director who during his entire tenure of more than 2 years in an overdue acting capacity has remained in office for reasons only known to the local chief executive, the appointing authority.

From all indications killings with impunity and other heinous crimes will be minimized now that the incumbent OIC police director is unceremoniously relieved of his post after the killing of the President of Universidad de Zamboanga, Dr. Arturo Eustaquio III in broad daylight on Palm Sunday, April 1, 2012 near his residence.

The mayor must select a seasoned and experienced police director and equally important if not more important is for the city government to come up with its own crime prevention master plan attuned to the prevailing situation in Zamboanga City being surrounded by neighboring cities and provinces infested with lawless and criminal elements.

by Rex Miravite

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