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Oh, how naïve we have always been
All the time mesmerized by fairy tales
We don’t even notice the freckles
All over the apple

Long ago the Old Glory
Was forcibly planted along our shores
That caused the dissolution
Of our history and statehood
But we took it for salvation
And treated the buccaneers as heroes

They said they came as saviors
Protectors of our lands, rights, and freedoms
They promised peace, prosperity, and enlightenment
Plus the best government ever established on earth

Then when they had their fill
They set sail back to the prairies as foxily
As they came
Leaving everything in disarray
Worst, they annexed us to a country
Of our enemies

They are back
For the gold of liquid

We embrace them so eagerly once more
Never learning from our mistakes
Hope they’ll not call us savages again

By Clem M. Bascar

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