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Jalosjos can make Zamboanga City peaceful


Former Congressman Romeo "Nonong" Jalosjos is a seasoned and experienced political leader.
If he finally decides to run for Mayor of Zamboanga City in 2013 and becomes Mayor, the people will be very glad. Why? Because Nonong Jalosjos is not a greedy person when he occupies an executive position. He has a team behind him with respective responsibilities to perform the tasks in the different fields.

Jalosjos will not apply the "one man army policy". He will maximize the expertise of his team to develop Zamboanga City according to priorities.
For example in the field of peace and order, Jalosjos is receptive and responsive to suggestions and recommendations.
He knows his primary responsibility in giving security to the people and the over-all maintenance of peace and order.

He is familiar of the powers vested on local chief executives as far as administrative and operational control and general supervisory authority over the local PNP units are concerned, pursuant to the provisions of RA 6975, known as the "PNP LAW". And he is willing to invoke his authority which carries corresponsing responsibility over the police in the maintenance of peace and order.

With the geographical location of Zamboanga City that is surrounded by cities and provinces with peace and order problem, Jalosjos will be convinced that the formulation of a long range "Crime Prevention Master Plan" is very necessary to guide the local law enforcers in their day to day routine work to be performed inorder to deter the establishment of crime syndicates by criminal and lawless elements so that a stable peace and order (not erratic) in the city could be attained.

With improved peace and order development can easily be implemented that will hasten progress and provide employment to the people and encourage local and foreign tourists to come to Zamboanga City.

From all indications Jalosjos can make Zamboanga City peaceful with his strong political leadership in dealing with the peace and order with firmness and consistency.

If Davao City has Duterte, Puerto Princesa in Palawan has Hagedorn, then Zamboanga City will have Nonong Jalosjos.
Of course Mercy Fernandez who is the cousin of Nonong is a part of the team aspiring in the 2nd congressional district.

by Rex Miravite

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