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Intelligence funds alone cannot make Zamboanga peaceful


Everytime a heinous crime is committed in Zamboanga City, some sectors immediately started looking for the whereabouts of the intelligence funds of the city.

While the lawful use of intelligence funds is necessary in gathering information in advance about the plan of criminal elements so that it could be anticipated and deterred, but it is not an ultimate solution in order to have a stable peace and order condition in the city.

The best solution is to come out with a plan that will prevent the existence of crime syndicates but first of all we have to uproot and eliminate the existing criminal syndicates.

And then come out with a long range “Crime prevention master plan” that will block windows of opportunity for potential criminal elements even to think of reviving the existence of crime syndicates.

A simple but comprehensive plan must be formulated because intelligence funds alone cannot make a stable peace and order in the city of Zamboanga.
With the formulation of a “crime prevention master plan” attuned to the prevailing situation in Zamboanga City whoever are our elected local and appointed police officials the plan is there as reference for them to follow and further improve it as years go by. It is a simple as that.

by Rex Miravite

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