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Like a windmill perpetual
These alternating episodes of neatly spliced
Tranquility and carnage roll on and off
Perfectly directed behind
The scenes

In between
The Kris and Crag sleep side by side
In a spell of peace

At the sound of the bugle
And the agong we jump to action
As electronically controlled puppets
Resuming our cat and mouse affair

But this is no fable at all
Everything is real around these jungles
Heads are cut off, limbs are blown apart
In a flash the whole civilization
Is razed to the ground

Then the generals receive
The stars of valor

Frankly, I love it here
For I can be a hero any moment
By killing my own brother

Why worry?
Anyway this has always been
A war game
Exactly like August 13
Splendid war indeed!

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