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One strike policy hit Zambo Sur police director


The raid conducted by armed men believed to be NPAs at Tigbao Police Station in Zambo Sur on April 9,2012 resulted to the unceremonious relief of the Police Provincial Director of Zambo del Sur Police Office.

Several firearms were taken by the armed group numbering not less than fifty and abducted one policeman during the withdrawal of the raiders.
The “One Strike Policy” was first adopted by the defunct PC/INP and the PNP in the early 1990’s.

When major incidents happen like kidnapping, bombing, raid conducted by armed group, robbery/hold-up and killing incidents in the area of operation of a Chief of Police and Prov’l/City Police Director, they are immediately relieved from their posts if found to be thru negligence, laxity and complacency on the part of the officers concerned.

This policy was very effective because the officers who took over the unit become very careful in the performance of their duties otherwise, they will suffer the same fate as that of their predecessors.

Recently, the Provincial Director of Zamboanga del Sur Police Office and the Chief of Police of Tigbao Police Station became victims of the one strike policy as a result of the Tigbao Police Station raid by the NPAs in Zamboanga del Sur.

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