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How to stop RP-China shooting war


LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… As Jesus was sitting on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to him privately. `Tell us,’ they said, `when will this happen, and what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age?’ (Matthew 24:3, the Holy Bible).

TEMPEST IN A BANK: Middle level managers of a big Metro Manila bank are up in arms against their superior officer. The reason? Reports say the officer has taken the habit of noisily ordering the managers what to do, even in the presence of clients and customers. This is embarrassing and shaming the managers no end, considering that they have been bank officers themselves for decades already.

What is causing the nasty and bossy attitude of the superior officer? Daily spats with the live-in lover, I am told. Well, well, well. Higher bank officials should look into this, as the middle level officers are thinking of resigning in the near future, en masse. And, also: how come the bank allows someone to become an officer, notwithstanding that the officer is merely cohabiting with a lover?

HOW TO TURN OFF AND SCARE CUSTOMERS: A big fastfood chain whose main dish is chicken should also look into how its crew are behaving in front of customers, especially those who eat in its branches during nighttime. Personally, I witnessed some of these employees in a branch in Pasay City recklessly throw away plates, cups, spoons and forks into the kitchen sink, and even quarrel publicly, in a manner that turns off and scares people away.

NO POINT IN ARBITRATION IN SHOAL STANDOFF: A Chinoy (Filipino-Chinese) friend of mine is amused at the Aquino government’s insistence to bring the Scarborough Shoal standoff with China for arbitration with a United Nations body and at the refusal of Chinese authorities to do so. My friend says: the Chinese know that the Philippine government is notorious for disobeying court orders and decisions, so there is no point in any arbitration. Wow!

DIPLOMATIC MEANS NO LONGER AVAILABLE: This explains why China is strengthening its military presence at the Shoal, with its deployment of its most powerful gunboat, Yuzheng 310, the Chinoy told me. The situation can no longer be resolved through diplomatic means, and since the Philippine and Chinese sides are not about to yield to the other, the only alternative left is a shooting war, which may happen anytime real soon.

CAN WAR BETWEEN RP AND CHINA ERUPT? Can this shooting war really happen? Can a war really erupt between the Philippines and China and, most possibly, the United States, Russia, Japan and North Korea? The answer maybe a yes or a no, depending on a lot of things, but as things stand now, with no one wanting to give up, the more likely answer is yes, a war can really erupt, and it may yet trigger a nuclear war which can become the Third World War.

SUPERPOWERS TO BE INVOLVED IN THE WAR: My fear is that, after the wars in the Middle East, it is time for wars to happen in the Far East---precisely in the Philippines and in its Asian neighbors. But this is a more dangerous war than the Middle East wars, because the superpowers with nuclear capacity---China, US and Russia, Japan and North Korea---are going to be involved directly in the Far East wars, especially because the Philippines has a mutual defense treaty with the Americans.

BIBLICAL BASIS FOR A WAR: What is the basis of this fear? The Bible, particularly the portion thereof where Jesus, our God and Savior, prophesied about the end of the world. In Matthew 24:7-8, He said: “… Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains…” Clearly, the signs of an impending war in the Far East and in many parts of the world are simply too clear for everyone to ignore.

ANTIDOTE VS. RP-CHINA SHOOTING WAR: The only antidote to this war and, should it ever occur, the only instrument of survival, is an honest-to-goodness going back to God. How do we go back to God sincerely and truthfully? The starting point is what Joshua 1:8 of the Bible says: read the Bible daily, meditate on it day and night, and carefully follow all the commands of God written in its pages. Let us all do this now, while there is time.

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