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Communicative Language Teaching (CLT): A Modern Approach


Teaching is a vital factor to the child’s mental progress and development. Many approaches to choose from to fit the changing world of children’s learning.

Communicative Language Teaching or CLT is a modern approach to teaching that is based on the theory of language as communication. It is an approach to the teaching of language as communication. It is an approach to the teaching of language using a variety of activities that require learners to make use of the target language as a means of learning the language. An approach that makes communication the center of vehicle of acquiring other skills.

Teaching using the CLT way will give lots of fun to the learners, it is because the approach is learner-centered. Much communication and interaction among learners with the teacher as the facilitator of learning. This will give a bigger chance to develop the learner’s communication skills at their early age.

I would like to share this modern approach to all teachers. The task of teacher talking time is lessen. The only role of the teacher in this modern approach is a facilitator – to facilitate the communication process in the classroom and to act as an independent participant within the learning-teaching group.

The primary goal of the approach is to develop the communicative competence of the learners. They are free to interact with each other in a small group discussion without considering the construction of the sentence but as long as they communicate.
It is high time for teachers to make our learners develop their communication skills with the us of CLT.

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