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Advantages/disadvantages when policemen are assigned in own place


The original National Police which is the defunct Philippine Constabulary (PC) has a strict policy that soldiers cannot be assigned in their own place.
The reason is very simple because soldiers cannot perform his law enforcement functions very effectively due to familiarization, fraternization, Filipino culture of compadre system and fear of possible revenge against his family by criminal elements if he is from the same place.

It was proven beyond reasonable doubt that soldiers who are not from their places of assignments perform their duties effectively without fear or favor.
Knowing the dialect of the place is secondary because as Filipinos we have a common national language where all Filipinos are expected to know.
However, the policy was entirely reversed when the Philippine National Police (PNP) replaced the defunct Philippine Constabulary (PC).
It became mandatory for police applicants to be residents of the place where they are applying for entry into the PNP.

The justification is plain and simple that being a resident of the place of his assignment a policemen knows who are the handsome and the ugly with reference to bad and good guys in the community.

The policeman also know the four (4) corners of the place and familiar with the common dialect used.
If a policeman performs his duties without fear or favor with sincerity, dedication and commitment then the policy becomes very effective.

But the question is how many percent of policemen who are serving their own place are effective? How many of them do not have familiarization,
fraternization, who do not apply the compadre system in their own birthplace, who are not afraid of possible retaliation against them and their families by criminal elements if they perform their duties in accordance with the mandate of the law?
If the number of disadvantages are more than the advantages then we expect an inefficient, ineffective and lousy enforcement of the law and the upsurge of criminality.

by Rex Miravite

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