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Stay off that box
It belongs to Sam

But it’s in our AD
I own it by right of geography and ancestry

Not anymore, we bought it long time ago
Don’t you remember Paris?

But that was a mercantile deal
Without our consent nor knowledge
Completely null and void, ab initio

It did not matter to us a bit
We bought it in good faith
You know good faith legalizes everything
No need for Pacta Sunt Servanda and free consent
So leave our property untouched
You don’t have any idea about an enraged hulk

But history tells us that we are not a vanquished people
So this land is still ours
That deed signed in Paris was a fraud
Just like Bates and Carpenter

You have no history to talk about
Zaide, Gregorio, Fulton, Going, Hurley, et al
Wrote fictions
No one uses them to take a glimpse of yesterday
Their books are all bedtime stories
So stop acting like a child
Now, step aside so we can
Start our dig
Our factories are running out of gas

Nobody in my father’s land can prevent me from owning this box
Only over my dead body 

You don’t know the consequence of your ethnic heroism
Remember, there is no nation on earth greater than us

Sorry Sirs, maybe I’m just hallucinating.

By Clem M. Bascar

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