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“Selling of awarded lands is common”


LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… And who among you by worrying can add even a single hour to your life?” (Jesus Christ, our God and Savior, in Matthew 6:27, the Holy Bible).

REACTIONS FROM READERS: Once again, I will give way to reactions from our readers on the things that we are writing in this column. Here are some reactions to our column on Hacienda Luisita, particularly on the announcement of former Tarlac Rep. Jose Cojuangco Jr. that his family will abide by the rule of law.

MINDORO FARMERS ENDED UP SELLING LANDS: From Ms. Belinda M. Priela Nazareno, a partner at the accounting firm Pelejo, Priela, Ongkiko, Siton and Co. and a fellow Rotary Club President (a “classmate) for Rotary Year 2006-2007: “Classmate Batas… there were actually `beneficiaries’ in my home province in Mindoro who refused to buy the land under CARP, not only because they were not willing to shell out money to pay for it, but also for fear of losing the benefits they were already enjoying from their landlords or employers. 

“But they were threatened by the Municipal Agrarian Reform Office that they would end up without jobs because other people outside the land would be listed as the new beneficiaries and land owners if they refused.  Most of them ended up selling the land, or the rights to it, at the first need for money, as you predict the Hacienda Luisita Inc. beneficiaries would do…”

“SELLING AWARDED LANDS IS COMMON”: From Born Again Bishop Norberto Mercado of San Manuel, Tarlac: “BATAS, I salute Peping Cojuangco for his humility and adherence to the rule of law. Give him my warm regards. My parents, Mr. & Mrs. Aurelio Mercado Sr., were among his and Tingting's local political campaigners/leaders in San Manuel, Tarlac.

“I agree with your observations about the current land distribution scheme. As I wrote before, we have 3.03 hectares of agricultural land in San Manuel, and we only get less than P25,000.00 net every year from the harvest. You divide that by 12 months, and we only have a little over P2,000.00 net per month from the produce of the land.

“How much in terms of net profit from the annual produce of a half-a-hectare land will a farmer-owner and his family gain?  Your thought is the same as mine. This is what the communists want for the farmers, so that they will continue to live in poverty, and revolt against the government.

“The communists are not really interested in seeing the poor become well-off and fully-developed-and-sustained, for if that will happen, the poor will no longer revolt against the government. For this reason, the communists will continue to block the economic development of the poor so that they can use them for their revolution. That's their game plan.

“What will happen to the farmer-beneficiaries? They will eventually sell their land like what other farmer-beneficiaries did. You stated it right.”

LAND DISTRIBUTION IS NOT CONDUCIVE TO SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: From Ava Arcenas, of the Facebook group “Taga UP Diliman ka Kung…”:  “Naisip ko rin na hindi naman sapat ang yield ng 5,000 square meter of farmland to give them a comfortable life. Some of them may mismanage the farm, or even pawn them. Land distribution is not necessarily congruent to sustainable development.”

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