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Gen. Mac Arthur's prediction about Nokor came out true


Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur, Commander of the Allied Forces during the Korean War from 1950 up to 1953 forewarned nations of catastrophe by going to war without the intention of winning.

The above warning was written in the book entitled "Reminiscences of Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur".
And this was also published in the book "The Plain Truth" in the 1906's. Gen. Mac Arthur was referring to the unfinished war in Korea in the 1950's.
When South Korea was overrun in 1951 by the communist North Korea Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur was again recalled from retirement to lead the Allied Forces recapture Seoul from the hands of the communists.

The South Korean military forces were pushed to the province of Pusan whose back was against the sea.
The North Korean army concentrated its forces at Pusan to block the landing of the Allied Forces.
But Gen. Mac Arthur's forces landed at Inchon by taking advantage of the high tide in the evening.  The Allied Forces met no resistance and the landing barges returned to the high seas before low tide at sunrise.

What the North Koreans did not know was that high tide changes in the middle of September every year from daytime to nightime. Inchon has a kilometric tidal flat and if you land at daytime your forces will be like sitting ducks.

The North Korean Forces at Pusan were cut off and the Allied Forces pushed the North Korean army outside of Korea at Manchuria, China.
It was then that Gen. Mac Arthur recommended to President Harry Truman to drop an atomic bomb at Manchuria to finish the communist adventurism.

But the US President disapproved the recommendation suspecting that Mac Arthur has a political ambition to run for President in the next election where Truman was on his 2nd term.

When the North Koreans launched a counter-attack augmented by Communist China the Allied Forces were pushed back up to the 38th parallel where the war ended with a truce without a winner and a loser in the Korean War.

Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur's prediction came out true when the United States refused to drop an atomic bomb to win the war in Korea.
North Korea now posed a serious threat not only to its neighboring nations but to the entire world with its posturing of developing a nuclear power plant, its missile tests and launching of a rocket to the outer space although it failed and other hostile activities when few years ago the North sun the South Korean naval vessel where 49 seamen died although the North denied the accusation.
Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur was considered the most brilliant US Military General.

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