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I thought you would never take that road
That’s reserved for the carpetbaggers
Surprisingly now you are first in line
To the shock of everyone

Obviously you are a man of truth
Telling no lies hiding no faults
Even your imperfections
Are revealed to the world

So many hide their crimes and scandals
Pretending to be angels and saints all the time
They live in mansions and ride in flashy cars
In luxury hotels they dine like royals
Courtesy of Mang Juan

But free choice should never be stifled
Nor purchased at any cost
For suffrage is democracy itself
And never sold at a black market

He who is immaculate
Should cast the first stone
And crucify him before he ascend to the throne
For no one in history lived without a stain on his soul
Yes, no one except Jesus

Who will cast the First Stone?

By Clem M. Bascar

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