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Executive Assistant on peace and order necessary


The Jalosjos supporters are considering the creation of the office of an Executive Assistant on Peace and Order when Nonong Jalosjos is elected Mayor of Zamboanga City in 2013 local election.

Peace and Order being the number 1 problem in Zamboanga City is the first to be addressed by Jalosjos in his 25-point agenda.
An office of the Executive Assistant on Peace and Order will be created following legislative procedures.
It will be a general supervisory office on crime prevention campaign and serves as police consultancy office on law enforcement, police operations and investigation.

A veteran, seasoned, experienced and tested personality in the field of peace and order will be tapped to head the office whose tenure is coterminus with that of the Mayor.

However, before the said office is to be created, a long range peace and order plan attuned to the prevailing situation in Zamboanga City will be formulated by the city government thru the peace and order committee of the city council and the Peace and Order Council (POC).

It will be implemented by the local police with reference to the powers of the Local Chief Executives to employ and deploy local PNP units invoking their administrative and operational control and general supervisory authority over the local police units pursuant to the provisions of RA 6975 or the PNP LAW.

A comprehensive "Crime Prevention Master Plan" will soon be prepared upon public consultation with barangay officials and stakeholders.

by Rex Miravite

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