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ZABIDA and Gender for Peace and Governance for 2012


The Zamboanga Basilan Integrated Development Alliance (ZABIDA), four partner consortium in Zamboanga City and Basilan Province convened its staff in a two-day training in “Genderfor Peace and Governance” at Euntes Asian Center, Sinunuc, Zamboanga City lastApril 26-27, 2012.
The four partner members include Peace Advocates Zamboanga (PAZ), Katilingban Para sa Kalambuan (KKI),and Western Mindanao State University-Reach Out to Others Foundation(WMSU-ROOF) and Nagdilaab Foundation Inc. (NFI).

PAZ Executive Secretary EmmaI. Delgado shared that the training hopes to provide more learnings on theGender and Development at the Barangay with the inclusion of understanding violenceagainst women and children.

Meanwhile, Ms. Wilma Omboy,KKI Program Staff hopes to connect peace and gender in everyday life of thecommunity. “Information sharing, and our affirmation of mainstreaming genderprograms is very needed “disclosed Ms. Joy Zabala from NFI-Basilan Province.

The training focused onunderstanding again the importance of gender and its mainstreams. Processes ofwhich includes gender analysis and integration to ZABIDA’s components on PeaceEducation, Advocacy, Interreligious Solidarity, media, Health, water, Housing,Sustainable Agriculture, Peace and Governance, Environment and Administration.

ZABIDA, for many years hadbeen addressing Human Security in Zamboanga City and Basilan Province withinterventions on various components to reduced poverty in all areas andcommunities. The power of involving the grassroots to interplay with variousother agencies like the Local Government Units, National Line Agencies, CivilSociety Organizations, Media, Business Communities and the Youth.

With the goal of improving theHuman Security conditions focused on economic, peace and governance, theconcern to entrust gender co-equality was given more attention for 2012. It hadbeen one of the factors in reaching development among the communities. Theroles of men and women in the battle for human security must be betterunderstood by the locals.

Mainstreaming gender across programs includes the goal of promoting the adoption of gender responsive humansecurity approach to development processes so as to ensure that the humanrights of everyone especially women and girls, are taken into account in theplanning and implementation of policies and programmes. Human Securityinterventions should be designed to promote women’s empowerment andadvancement.

“We envision a society wheremen and women are co-equal” shared Maisie Faith Dagapioso, Program Coordinator andtrainings Resource Speaker. Gender Programs had been operative in thePhilippines that led to the creation of the Gender and Development Program, Lawfocused on Violence against Women and Children, Gender Code in the Philippinesand many other related literatures.

The Program is not just one’sresponsibility. It is an issue in the Philippines that needs to be addressesbetter. With the inclusion of mainstreaming gender analysis across allcomponents of our daily lives, surely, it can improve the human securityconditions of everyone- family, communities and personal growth.

Social media can be aninstrument towards eradicating social discrimination. According to AlbertArcilla, PAZ Media Senior Reporter revealed that “it was augmenting to thetraditional knowledge of gender which helped me eliminate my biases”. As areporter, he revealed that “it helped us to be more sensitive to the issues atthe ground”.

Gender for Peace andGovernance, one very important program of the Alliance, seeks to generate moreparticipation from both men and women in strengthening our commitment for peaceand development. Eventually, it will help us improved the human Securityconditions in Zamboanga City and Basilan Province.

by Aldrin Bucoy-Abdurahim

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