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The enemies that we keep


There are tribal wars and feud among clans and there is this protracted struggle for secessionism. These conflicts which could have been mended and resolved through peace talks and negotiations have resulted in many casualties which are indeed unfortunate. Nevertheless that yearning for peaceful resolution is undiminished for despite the misunderstandings and clashes the overwhelming desire of the protagonists is peace.

In most of these confrontations government peacekeeping forces intervened or hostilities are mutually prevented with the mediation.
But we are talking here of a civilized and decent society. Amidst us however, are savage elements that had wrecked havoc to what were once serene Muslim, Christian and Lumad communities. They are mostly foreigners, trained in the diabolic craft of terrorism and misrepresenting peace-loving Islamic faith to carry out their plots. We have names for them: Jemaah Islamiyah which is a clone of Al Qaeda.

They have found a spawning ground in the vicious kidnap-for-ransom Abu Sayaff band which has been masquerading as guerillas. These demonic bands however actually knows no religion and do not recognize religious or civil authorities, for in fact, they loathe them. They sow terror where terrorism can be achieved and find celebration in cries of pain and anguish of the victims especially of the innocent ones.

It is a maniacal perversion which we have seen when they bomb places of significant symbols like the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York, the opulent tourist resort of Bali, Indonesia, the five-star hotels in Mumbai, India to as inconsequential passenger waiting sheds in the ports of Davao and small marts in Zamboanga City, Tacurong City and General Santos City.

They rejoice over these barbarism for as long as the stench of death, the moaning of the wounded and the mourning of the bereaved are utmost unbearable.

These foreign intruders do not only show terror, they too sow animosity between Christians, Lumads and Muslims and discord among tribes and clans. Unfortunately for us, we provided sanctuary to these foreign elements and allowed them to teach not only the technology of improvised explosive devises but preach to us their perverted culture of religious fanaticism which, as we realize now, are all aimed at fertilizing the seed of terror which ultimately became the victims.

For as long as they remained ensconced in the Abu Sayaff and extremists lairs they will persist to be veritable hindrance to peace in the region. Like the New People’s Army (NPA) who plants landmines to deter and kill enemies and civilians, these terrorist band especially the foreigners among them, will do everything to keep themselves alive and send signals to their sponsors that they are active and surviving.

by Menardo Wenceslao

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