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K to 12 Curriculum


The K to 12 Curriculum will finally be implemented this coming school year 2012-2013. 1,500 participants composed of public School Grade one Teachers, Regional and Division Supervisors from all over Philippines rushed to Tagaytay City for the National Training of Trainers (TOT) on the Implementation of  Grade I in the K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum held at Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) which started on April 23 to 27, 2012.

The Mother Tongue Base-Multi lingual Education (MTB-MLE) approach was the main core of the curriculum where the child first language or the local Lengua Franca has to be used as the medium of instruction in Kindergarten and Grade One.
The Zamboanga City Division had its great participation and performances during the said training. Dr. Valeria Fides G. Corteza- Education Supervisor I (English) and Dr. Victoria D. Mangaser-Education Supervisor I (Filipino) and MTB-MLE coordinator were among of the chief trainers during the National Training of Trainers (TOT).

The Regional trainers who attended the National Training included the following; Mrs. Aida F. Coyme-Education Supervisor I for Arpan and Mr. Victoriano I. Miguel Jr. Division Coordinator-Music, Arts and P.E in Elementary headed the Zamboanga City Grade One teachers-Mrs. Flordeliza B. Fabriga- English-I, Mrs. Rosita B. Espiritusanto-Music, Ms. Helen Aguisanle- Science, Mrs. Antoniette Cancelan-Math,  Mrs. Anabel Congreso-P.E, Miss. Joanne S. Ronduvio-Health Counselor and Miss Melbalyn Grace S. Ramillano for Filipino.

DepEd Secretary Bro. Armin A. Luistro emphasized during the “ Secretary’s Hour” that June 4, 2012 should be the happiest day for everyone more importantly to teachers and pupils, “Start the School Year with Uniform and a Wide Smile” . Questions, queries and classification were entertained during the open-forum.

At the end of the training series of micro-teaching were done in the different mother tongues. Demonstration takes presented by the Zamboanga City Division participant were conducted in chavacano.

Miss. Joann S. Ronduvio-teacher I of Putik Central School demonstrated lessons in Health, Mrs. Rosita B. Espiritusanto-Master Teacher I of Pasonanca Elementary School in Music and yours truly Mrs. Flordeliza B. Fabriga-Master Teacher II of San Jose Gusu Elementary School demonstrated lessons in  Health integrated Math and Arts in Chavacano. USEC Yolanda Quijano USEE for special Programs personally observed and video covered the chavacano group. She was amazed on the uniqueness of the chavacano language.

Furthermore she congratulated the teachers for the splendid performance during the demonstration.
As a whole the critiques and observers unanimously affirmed that the MTB-MLE approach would be one of the best approaches that will substitute the  missing link in child’s connection from home to school unchained from language barriers and finds himself in school learning with fun and gladness and through this, manifestation of quality education comes next. However the vision and mission of the K to 12 curriculum wouldn’t be realized unless the teacher concern will take the full responsibility in transforming each pupil to be a well rounded person globally competitive and prepared for the world of work as expected.

Lastly according to DepEd Secretary Bro. Armin A. Luistro “The K to 12 Curriculum may not be a perfect curriculum, but Filipinos should be proud because this curriculum is “ Gawa ng mga Pilipino para sa kapwa Pilipino na pwedeng itapat sa buong mundo”. So, why worry? Let’s celebrate and shout Hoorah! To the K to 12 Curriculum.

Viva! Secretary Bro. Armin A. Luistro , Viva! Superintendent Pedro Natividad.
Viva! Zamboangueños!

Mrs. Flordeliza B. Fabriga teaches at San Jose Gusu Elementary School

by Mrs. Flordeliza B. Fabriga

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