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Triumvirate of local administration wrongly applied


The meaning of the word "TRIUMVIRATE" according to Webster Dictionary refers to Roman History which means any group of three (3) men in authority (Not Women).

The word is especially applied to the political association of Pompey, Julius Caesar and Crassus (60 BC) to seize power (the 1st triumvrate) and to that of Mark Antony, Octavius and Lepidus (2nd triumvirate) after the death of Caesar.

Since the word "Triumvirate" is erroneously applied by the political party in power in Zamboanga City it was weakened and dismantled with the junking of Erbie Fabian from the political scene for the 2013 election.

From all indications the 2013 election could be the "Waterloo" of the present local administration brought about by disunity aggravated by a formidable force entering into the picture headed by Nonong Jalosjos running for Mayor and Mercy Arquiza Fernandez for congress in the 2nd district.

The words "Formidable Force" are borrowed from the top local official who described Nonong Jalosjos group as a formidable force in 2013 election.

by Rex Miravite

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