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Time and Real loving relationship


They say time is gold; but for me it isn’t.  Time is even more precious than diamond which is said to be the hardest and needing the longest time to form. Time is more valuable than any expensive element in this world because neither gold nor diamond could form real loving relationship and sustain it. But time can.

Yes, it takes time to know one another, additional time to understand and more time to accept and more  more time to truly love one another.  Without time nothing could be planted, nurtured and harvested.  No real loving relationship can be formed when everyone is just too busy to start one, when every human soul is too engrossed of one’s self, of one’s needs and wants. If ever there is a relationship that was formed due to pressure or necessity but none between the couple is willing to spare time to develop it deeply, then, it remains as superficial as it can be.

What makes the mother loves her child so much? Yes, the child is the flesh of her flesh the blood of her blood, yet, what makes the bond stronger is the time spent the mother borne the child in her womb and the time needed the mother took care of her child till he/she is independent to stand on his/her own.

Even between adopted child-parent relationship time is of the essence.  They are not bound by flesh and blood but because of the time they spent together that gave opportune chance for caring and nurturing physically, emotionally, and spiritually a real loving relationship was born.
And in friendship, there are those who are just around giving you their crying shoulders when you are sad, patting your back when you need encouragement, hugging you when you feel insecure, raising you up when you are down.  These could only be experienced when there is  time given to do them.

Truly indeed, time is an invaluable element in forming real loving supportive relationship that each one of us needs to live contentedly. Do you agree? PLEASE, DO! the author is a teacher of Don Pablo LMHS, Gov. Ramos Ave., Sta. Maria, Z.C.

by Lorbina Ocaya - Majindi, Ed. D.

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