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Council aspirants have specific field of expertise


Running for an elective post especially among local candidates for councilor is not just for eagerness to become an elected official.
Aspirants to become a useful public servant when elected into office must possess an expertise in a certain field otherwise, he or she will just go on grandstanding.

It will be recalled that for the past more than a decade the peace and order problem in Zamboanga City was never addressed effectively by any local official due to lack of sufficient knowledge and expertise so the people suffered due to an erratic and deteriorated peace and order where senseless killings, kidnappings, bombings and other heinous crimes were committed with impunity.

It is only Nonong Jalosjos who is running for Mayor in 2013 election who admitted that the number one problem of Zamboanga City is peace and order.
Some businessmen confirmed that the number 2 problem is peace and order and some sectors maintain that the number 3 problem is still peace and order.

With the policy of Nonong that candidates for councilor must be given a specific task when elected aside from attending sessions connotes that candidates must have a specific field of expertise otherwise, he or she is an ineffective public servant.

by Rex Miravite

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