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The change I am seeking in the world today is me


Just recently I have attended a very special seminar at the Astoria Hotel this city.  Special because in the first place the participants were special; the fact, only those passers of the Principals Qualifying Examination conducted by the National Educators Academy of the Philippines were directed by the Department of  Education to join the said training.

Secondly, I being a non-school head this time and all of those other participants were handling schools, the experience was pristine and profound.  And thirdly, the seminar lay down theories, principles, philosophies and best practices of better school management and educational leadership for the participants to grab and apply in their respective assigned school.

Actually the Basic Course on School-Based Management conducted by NEAP for passers of PQE   held at Grand Astoria Hotel, this city last April 29 – May 03, 2012 was just one of the series of this kind of seminar conducted in the different regions throughout the country for the school and future school heads to be oriented of the different management theories, philosophies, principles and best practices in managing schools and for them to be induced to  embrace them as part of their very own  psyche so that paradigm shift would happen; perceptions, values and attitudes may be enriched and expectedly personal and leadership behaviors are more becoming and effective that would eventually result to best quality education in the Philippines.

Content-wise, the seminar was rich with new insights and learning like we need to be transformational leaders in order to practice bridging leadership that could influence school stakeholders to believe in us and make them co-owners of the school’s vision and mission in such a way that they together with the school heads would create new better realities not only in the schools but throughout the whole Philippines at large.

Personally, I being a non-holder of school, the seminar was indeed new to me not only in terms of the content but the day- to- day experiences I have had with my co-participants that truly transformed me into a better human being and perhaps a better school head in the near future.  It was during the said seminar that my trust in the capacity and capability of human beings to learn new better things, to unlearn defective old beliefs and practices, or/and to relearn forgotten or almost forgotten good things was reaffirmed and strengthened.

Indeed, it is my fervent prayer and hope that those who have undergone the seminar not only here in Zamboanga City but in the different regions of the Philippines may actualize their  commitment to be better school leaders and managers as they do their day-to-day tasks.  As Mahatma Gandhi said, “The change I am seeking in the world today is ME.”

Dr. Lorbina O. Majindi is a Master Teacher 1 in English in Don Pablo Lorenzo MHS, Sta. Maria, Z.C.

by Lorbina Ocaya-Majindi, Ed. D.

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