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Triad minus one equals two - wad breaks triumvirate


A triumvirate is a very strong or invincible force like 3 post in triad that are equi-distantly planted.
This is the situation of the local administration for the past elections where the 3 major political positions were under their full control and these are the mayorship and the congressional posts.

However, with the coming of a formidable force into the political scene as admitted by the local officials in power, an alignment of forces is necessary to further strengthen their political existence.

But instead of maintaining a triumvirate, the local administration deems it wise to remove the other post to strengthen political power to face a formidable single force that is planted as strong as an electric post that can withstand typhoons and hurricanes with reference to Nonong Jalosjos who is running for Mayor of Zamboanga City in 2013 election with his cousin Mercy Arquiza  Fernandez aspiring for the 2nd congressional district.

Since Erbie Fabian is removed from the triumvirate the triad force is reduced to two or in other words the triad becomes two-wad that is weakened and could be swinging when hit by strong wind that might collapse anytime.

by Rex Miravite

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