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What will the Ombudsman testify on?


LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… the truth shall set you free…” (Jesus Christ, our God and Savior, in John 8:32, the Holy Bible).

MORE DENGUE OUTBREAKS TO ERUPT IN RP? I hate to say this, and please don’t blame me for what I am going to say, but Zamboanga City is not going to be the only place in the Philippines which will declare a dengue outbreak because of increasing number of dengue cases. More Philippine towns, cities and provinces are on the verge of their own deadly and fatal dengue outbreaks, and the reason is not just because of dirty environment.
The reason is more of a Biblical nature. According to the Bible, specifically in its Deuteronomy 28:15, 21 and 22, diseases such as fever and inflammation are destined to come and destroy---or kill, if you may---many more people. Why? Because fever and inflammation and other wasting diseases like blight and mildew represent God’s curses.

Why is God sending these curses? Because people no longer listen to His Word (in short, people no longer read His Bible), and no longer obey His commands. What I have written here, all culled from the Bible, may appear too simplistic and unbelievable to many. But then, to see is to believe, and my challenge to everyone is, read the Bible, and see the accuracy of its predictions!

DOLPHY, ET. AL. SHOULD BE “NATIONAL ARTISTS”: I share the view that Comedy King Dolpy should be named “National Artist” as soon as possible. My reasons are too personal: during the time that I was still watching Filipino movies, Dolphy was my favorite actor when it came to honest-to-goodness comedy. He really made me laugh, and he made million others laughed too, without the slapstick script many pretenders are using these days.

But this is not a plea to shut out Vilma Santos, Nora Aunor or Eddie Garcia, or any other local actor or actress who distinguished themselves in movies. If it is possible---and it should really be possible---declare all of them as “National Artists”, because they were the ones that dominated Filipino movies for a long time, giving affordable entertainment to the entire Filipino nation.

Then, let us also include the late action king Fernando Poe Jr., and the late action prince Rudy Fernandez and, of course, President Joseph Estrada. I am thinking of many other actors---even the contrabidas like the deceased Max Alvarado and Paquito Diaz---but they could perhaps come later.

CHINA WAR OVER THE SPRATLYS PREDICTED IN 1996: Lawyer Ernesto Tabujara III has an interesting point: he says acclaimed spy novel writer Tom Clancy came out with a book in 1996 entitled “SSN” in which he predicted the eruption of war over the Spratlys based on a video game of the same name, with China as one of the protagonists.

Tabujara writes: “Read this 1996 prediction of a war with China over the Spratlys to understand the military scenarios of such a conflict. Tom Clancy accurately predicted 9-11 (Debt of Honor), the fall of Iraq (Executive Orders), the Iranian Nuclear plant at Bushwher (Marine), The presidency of George W. Bush (Executive orders), and a shooting war with China (Bear and the Dragon)…” Interesting indeed!

WHAT WILL THE OMBUDSMAN TESTIFY ON? If Facebook news stories saying that lawmakers are denying they ever claimed that Chief Justice Renato Corona had some US$10 million in secret deposits are true, what will Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales testify on, if she is summoned by the Senate in the impeachment trial of Corona? For the record, Morales already said her having subpoenaed Corona over the dollar account was based only on what the lawmakers supposedly claimed and which are now being denied.

by Atty. Batas Mauricio

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