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In the Web of Fire


I admit, I am no angel
With all kinds of defects and shortcomings
My thoughts and works are without glitters and sparkles
My dreams are without colors

Yet despite my inconsequence
Friends close often sound the warning bells
Revealing schemes and plots
Being crafted in the dark

I hear this conspiracy time and time again
Since that scandal of global scale
When a Queen sold two kingdoms outside her domain
To the President of greatest power

They swear this threat remains imminent
No longer by the bygone marauders
But holders of scepters at present
Reserving the crowns for themselves forever

I too, could sense this wicked blueprint
In the rhythm of my veins
But don’t be troubled my friends
Every step backward, forward or sideways
Is a pilgrimage of coffins
To Hades or Eden

So, worry not, my friends
Though not a Ninoy, Cesar or Pepe
In secret, I have written their names
In the crucible of flames
With a dirge to honor them

By the way, lest you forget
The court’s scribes claim, me, the mighty reads not
No rogues will ride in tandem
To gun down a literary nut

Friends, worry not but keep the vigilance
For no one is safe in the web of fire

By Clem M. Bascar

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