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Nonong Jalosjos is Zamboangueño not an alien or outsider


Nonong Jalosjos is a Zamboangueño through and through who was born in Zamboanga City whose father died and buried in Zamboanga City.
The Jalosjoses have an ancestral home in Zamboanga City where their mother is living up to the present.

His mother has a sister who has a big rubber and coconut plantation in Basilan. Mrs. Theresa Cawley is the younger sister of the mother of Nonong Jalosjos living in Lamitan City.

It is a plain black propaganda tantamount to hitting below the belt when his top detractor in a radio interview at 6:30 am, May 7, 2012 in straight to the point program accused Nonong as an alien and an outsider.

Nonong is not a citizen of a Latin country like Colombo, Sicily, Nicaragua and other Latin countries known for murder, drug and criminal syndicates.
Nonong is a Filipino citizen and the COMELEC could have disapproved his application when he registered as a voter in Zamboanga City on April 26, 2012 if he is an alien and outsider. Nonong Jalosjos is running for Mayor of Zamboanga City in 2013 election while his cousin Mercy Arquiza Fernandez is running for congress in the 2nd district.

As early as now the political opponents of Nonong are rattled and consfused to the extent of forgetting the meaning of an alien.
For the information of his detractors, Nonong Jalosjos is a real and blue blooded Zamboangueño through and through, back to back, front to rear, from head to foot, above and below the belt. Who is an outsider who was not born, lived and studied in Zamboanga City who does not have a relative who died and bried in Zamboanga City but occupying top political position in Zamboanga City?

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