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Zamcelco discovers pilferage from over 100 Mampang homes


The Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative discovered alleged pilferage of electricity by more than 100 homeowners in barangay Mampang during an operation held yesterday.
The Zamcelco Anti-Pilferage Team swooped down on three areas in barangay Mampang and confiscated hundreds of meters of electric wires hidden underground.
The alleged electric pilferage was discovered among homeowners residing in Arquiza Drive, Pioquinto Drive, and Zones 1 and 2 along Alvarez Drive.
The Zamcelco team acted on a tip given by a resident living in the area.
The informant disclosed that a certain Rodel Marcos is allegedly responsible for the illegal connections which started two years ago.
Marcos was identified as a former Zamcelco employee who was recently arrested by police for alleged drug dealing.
He is presently incarcerated at the Zamboanga City Reformatory Center.
After the arrest of Marcos, the latter's wife took over the illegal operation and started collecting the P100 fee from residents.
The residents however refused to pay and tipped off Brigada News FM station about the couple's alleged illegal operation.
The radio station gave the information to Zamcelco General Manager Engr Edgardo Ancheta who immediately launched the operation.
The illegal operation involves tapping electricity from a single electric post to the suspect's residence and distributing power through a network of wires attached to more than a hundred houses.
The operation remained undetected since the wires were placed inside underground water pipes.
"Pensaba kita agua ta corre na tubo de agua aquel gale alambre de corriente," said a Zamcelco team member.
Hundreds of kilos of electric wires were confiscated in the area by the Zamcelco pilferage team.
Based on inital assessment, more than 50 houses were allegedly pilfering electricity in Arquiza Drive while another 50 homes along Alvarez Drive were said to be pilfering power.
The Anti -Pilferage Law prevents any person from illegally tapping from the electric cooperative.  (Nonong Santiago)

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