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Celso condemns Buenavista attack


Congressman Celso Lobregat strongly condemned the ambush on a Rural Bus last Tuesday night along Kilometer 58,Barangay Buenavista, wounding eight out of thirty-five of its passengers.
Lobregat said the incident is uncalled for and should be given ample attention by law enforcement authorities, especially that this was not the first time similar incident has transpired in the same location.
The solon urged the combined forces of the marines and police deployed in Muti and Curuan to pursue the attackers and bring justice to the victims.
He said that since it is already in the knowledge of the police and military that the area is very vulnerable to ambush and extortion activities along the highway, they should have initiated not a temporary, but a long-lasting strategy to ensure and prevent further atrocities in the area.
Congressman Lobregat also urged the same authorities to be “pro-active and not just being reactive everytime there is an incident in the area.”
He said that a thorough review of the security plan, deployment and intensified foot patrols in the wee hours should also be adopted to retrofit it to the present volatile peace and order situation in the area.
“Considering that Buenavista, Muti and Marangan are locations just adjacent to the highway and the coastline, it would be very easy for armed lawless elements to infiltrate and do their planned atrocities and withdraw towards the coastal waters,”Lobregat added.
The solon said that the Buenavista incident should be considered, as much as possible, as the last one, and the police and military in the area should not let another similar incident occur in the future. – Dexter Yap

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