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Policemen looking for cop whose gun burst inside mall


Personnel of Police Station 11 are still looking for the policeman whose firearm went-off inside a mall along La Purisima street, last Tuesday

Superintendent Ariel Huesca, chief of Police Station 11, said that a certain PO2 Ibrahim Cabangunay Ganih entered the Mindpro Mall with an unidentified woman.

Huesca said, PO2 Ganih was allegedly unloading his issued firearm before submitting it for safekeeping to the security guard, when it allegedly burst.

Probers added that the policeman immediately left the area together with the woman who was believed to have been injured in the incident.

Police investigation showed that at about 2:45 p.m.,PO2 Ganih later returned to the mall to retrieve his handgun but failed to get it.He then left the mall leaving his police badge and identification card.

The police contacted several hospitals in the city looking for a woman with possible gunshot wound but yielded negative result.

The handgun, police badge and identification card is now under the custody of the police.

The incident is still under investigation. (Eugene A. Lasprilla)

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