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Man commits suicide


A man allegedly committed suicide by drinkinginsecticide at Sitio Barlak, Barangay Cabaluay, this city, last Monday.

Police Station 3 report revealed that Gangerico Ortega y Layok, 38, married, a resident of the same place, allegedly drunk Thiodan insecticide due to family problem.

The victim’s wife, Madalyn Ortega y Jordan, 44, told police investigators that at about 12:45 p.m., she heard her husband shouting the words “YatomayoThiodan!”, then later saw him vomiting outside their house.

The victim was brought to a nearest hospital but the wife said she felt that her husband was no longer breathing, and believed thathe died midway to the medical facility.

The victim was brought back to their residence for proper burial. (Eugene A. Lasprilla)

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