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Social worker faces probe


Zamboanga City Social Welfare Officer, Sokee Rojas yesterday vowed to investigate reports that a Curuan District social worker tried to encourage the mother of the 15-year old girl who filed a case of sexual harassment against Calabasa barangay chair Joselito Falcatan, to sign an affidavit of desistance.

Rojas said every social worker should assist the victim of any case such as sexual harassment, rape, child abuse and others, and not the other way around.

“Ese affidavit of desistance hinde ese ta man encourage el social worker. Man lay down quita el card si cosa maga agencia de govierno ay puede ayuda cunel victima. Nesecita gane el diamun oficina ayuda cunel victima,” Rojas said in an interview over Brigada.

Last Thursday, the mother of the girl reported to the Curuan police against the social worker only identified as Greta, that the latter appealed to her in behalf of Falcatan, to sign the affidavit of desistance.

“Ya anda aquel social worker si ma'am Greta na casa diamun y ya manda cumigo sigui na otro motor. Cuando ya llega came serca Bahandi, ya manda cumigo munta na auto y ya man derecho came para na pueblo. Ya lleba cumigo na abogao alla atras del water district y ta manda man sign el affidavit of desistance, pero mismo el abogao ya abla canila cay numas porsa si nuquiere yo pirma.

Ya man derecho came alla na Justice Hall alla cun Fiscal Cabaron igual lang siempre ya abla si fiscal, cay numas cumigo manda porsa pirma si nukiere yo cay el caso talla ya na fiscalia,” the mother said.

The mother added that she and a companion then went to Tugbungan at the house of her sister and stayed for the night, then went home the following day to Calabasa.

Rojas said the mother is a recipient of the Four Ps since the family is very poor.

She confirmed that there is a social worker named Greta in Curuan but refused to give her family name on air.

Rojas said she will investigate the allegations on the actuations of her personnel before giving further comments.(Nonong Santiago)

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