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Two year-old boy drowns


A 2-year-old boy was found deadundera shanty house on stilt along the shoreline in Purok 4, Barangay Taluksangay, this city, Sunday night.

Police Station 4 Commander, Chief Inspector Elmer Solon identified the victim as Nadzmer Kahal y Jul.

Solon said the victim went missing at past 7:00 in the evening.The family searched for him and at about 9:00in the evening, the boy was seen by a relative floating under the house.

The boy was rushed by the emergency medical response team to Zamboanga City Medical Center, but the attending physician declared him dead on arrival.

The cadaver of the minor was brought by the family to their residence for proper burial in accordance with the Muslim tradition.

Probers disclosed that no foul-play was established in the incident. (Eugene A. Lasprilla)

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