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Supplier of meds for city gov’t uses fake bidding documents? (BAC launches probe)


The Bid and Wards Committee (BAC) of the City Government of Zamboanga is now contemplating of filing legal charges against an out of town supplier who has allegedly been using fake Tax Clearance Certificates when participating in the local government bidding for medical and dental supplies and medicines for the city.

City Government BAC Chairman and City Assessor Erwin Bernardo told RMN Zamboanga in an exclusive interview yesterday that his office has confirmed the said report and they are now communicating with the national office of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Collection Enforcement Division in Quezon City, to help investigate the issue.

Bernardo said that if proven indeed this supplier (whom he refused to reveal the name as of now) used and submitted fake Tax Clearances, which is one of the vital requirementswhen participating in government biddings as prescribed in Republic Act 9184, the Government Procurement Law, the concerned supplier who won the biddings for several times from 2015-2016 may face charges of falsification of public documents and can be blacklisted in participating in any government procurement transaction.

This issue fumed when RMN Zamboanga received a copy from an anonymous source containing one of the several complaints lodged by some suppliers who participated in several biddings with the local government, and discovered that this particular company who won the recent 4th Quarter biddings in 2016 for medical/dental supplies, drugs and medicines, was all the while submitting bogus documents to the BAC of the city government for the last two years.

One of the suppliers who made his official complaint to the BAC last February 27,2017, questioned the eligibility of the drug distributor and wholesaler who supplies various drugs and medicines to the City Government of Zamboanga.

Upon verification, the complainant said, the company has not been issued a Valid Tax Clearance by the Accounts Receivable Monitoring Division formerly known as the Collection Enforcement Division of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), National Office based in Quezon City, as required by EO 398, as implemented by Revenue Regulations No.3-2005.

It was discovered by the complainant from the BIR that the same supplier was allegedly not and is still not a holder of a Valid Tax Clearance since January 2015 until present (previous years were not included in the inquiry).

A Valid Tax Clearance from BIR is one of the legal documents required during the Post Qualification of bids. Failure to submit the same within the un-extendable time of three days disqualifies the bidder.

Bernardo said that he wasn’t aware of such information, saying that he only learned about it when the complaint reached his office and over RMN Radio who revealed the details of the data.

“I have already written the BIR national office to check on the veracity of the alleged fake tax clearance used by this winning bidder.As of the moment, I am waiting for the response from the Accounts Receivable Monitoring Division of BIR in Manila,” Bernardo said.

Bernardo added that since he sat as BAC Chairman in 2013until the present, this is his first time to hear about this issue which he said is a grave violation of the government procurement act.

He said that his office is now referring this matter to the Legal Department of the City Government of Zamboanga for proper guidance and filing of appropriate charges in court if indeed proven by the BIR that the said bidder used fake documents in their bidding transactions with the City Government of Zamboanga. – BhongSimbajon/RMN News

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